Hook The Talent

Good people are hard to find without right resources. michefs can fill this void with our centuries of building relationships in the hospitality industry. Talent Acquisition is the HR function with the greatest ability to positively impact revenue creation and profitability. The right candidate could drive your team to further succeed. Having a Talent Acquisition team who is knowledgeable with internal connections in the field is critical.


With michefs' limitless resources in all facets of the hospitality industry, we mitigate some of the risks when not using Talent Acquisition through our proven insiders' insight and expertise. Bypass the risks and hire michefs for your talent acquisition needs. 

Finding The


When most people think of talent acquisition they think of recruiting. While recruiting is an integral part of TA, it only represents the linear process of filling a position with a candidate. TA is much more than that and represents the holistic process of identifying, courting, assessing, hiring and onboarding new members to your organization. 

Trust the process

Recruiting is a key element of Talent Acquisition but it is truly just a piece of the process. Talent Acquisition encompasses so much more and includes advising, strategy & planning, process improvement, employment branding, outsourcing, technology & analytics. Talent Acquisition tries to shift the mindset of an organization from “let’s fill this job” to “let’s discover the candidate that is best suited for this position within our organization and will make the most sense for both parties from a long-term perspective “.

michefs TA

We are not recruiters placing random ads for candidates and hoping for the best results. michefs TA are integrated into the industry as working professionals with existing relationships with access to your hospitality candidate. Our Consultants have worked side by side with the best in the business and they are always just a call away.




Build Profile

Analyze/ Strategize



Companies that leverage Talent Acquisition see many measurable benefits. While filling positions is general on the forefront of everyone’s mind, a properly deployed TA team can substantially reduce the time-to-hire and turnover rate while creating best-in-class workplaces that will form the cornerstone of your brand. michefs TA functions as a consultant to your business and can bring insights that impact your organization's overall human resources value. An investment in human capital that operators often overlook.