There is no substitute

for experience...

The michefs Framework creates a foundation from which we will work with you. We will assess the current environment of your company and provide a road map for success. This includes extensive communications with your team, prioritized implementation plans and thorough concept maintenance. Our Team is well versed in their field of expertise. Providing superior service is our first priority.

We're listening

michefs consulting understands your vision. We have the Resources plus the Capability to Enhance and Streamline your culinary operation. We will lead the way to attain the highest standards, efficiencies, strategic leadership, guidance, and overall direction to your individual brand.

Our Team will thoroughly assess your Vision & Desires for every department. From this intel, detailed implementation plans with objectives, goals and overall expectations will then be presented to your Executive Team.


michefs’ vision is to maximize financial savings and increase overall operational efficiencies without compromising the Guests’ Experience for overall success.

Chef Max Kamakura